Drinking diet for weight loss: reviews and results, doctors' opinion

fruit juice for drinking diet

Drinking diet is considered one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It helps not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to remove harmful substances from the body. But the method is not suitable for everyone.

What is a drinking diet?

Drinking diet - a way to lose weight based on the exclusion of solid foods from the menu. During weight loss, a person will get all the useful substances from juice, water and a number of other drinks. Within 2 weeks, the method allows you to get rid of extra pounds and remove toxins from the body. It should be noted that the method is extreme. Not suitable for everyone.

The drinking diet has gained a reputation as one of the most effective ways to lose weight. There are several alternative scheme names. So sometimes it is called a diet for lazy people. This method got its name because it does not require physical strength. The weight loss scheme is also called a model diet. The loss of extra pounds is caused by a low-calorie diet that must be followed for 2 weeks. The main purposes of the discharge assortment:

  • reduce the load on the digestive system;
  • decrease in body fat percentage;
  • normalization of internal organs.

However, not all nutritionists are positive about this method. A number of experts are convinced that drinking diets are too strict. During discharge, all foods are completely excluded from the diet. Fluid does not allow the body to get enough and get the necessary substances for normal metabolism. Meanwhile, weight loss speaks positively about the method of losing weight. Among the advantages of the diet:

  1. High efficiency. You can lose 7-15 kg in 2 weeks.
  2. There is a decrease in the volume of the stomach.
  3. The body is cleansed of harmful substances.

However, the method also has many disadvantages. It can provoke a whole list of side effects. The daily menu will be significantly limited. If you leave the diet incorrectly, anorexia can develop.

Contraindications and side effects

If a woman wants to avoid negative consequences, it is recommended to use the method for no more than seven days. Following a weight loss regimen for longer may cause the following side effects:

  • irregular stools, constipation or diarrhea;
  • nausea, bloating or swelling in the stomach;
  • bad breath, white coating on the tongue;
  • dizziness or anemia;
  • kidney failure and the appearance of severe swelling in the morning;
  • the appearance of flies before the eyes.

If you make a mistake in the menu or suddenly leave the weight loss regime, this can lead to a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, which will not be able to immediately process solid food. In some cases, medication may be required. Diet can lead to the development of gastritis, anorexia and a number of other diseases. To reduce the risk of side effects, it is recommended to use the diet only if there are no contraindications, such as:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • gastrointestinal tract problem;
  • exhaustion of the body;
  • cystitis, liver and kidney diseases;
  • tendency to varicose veins, swelling and pressure increases;
  • adolescence or old age;
  • unstable mind.

Eligibility principles and rules

Deciding to lose weight using this method, it is worth remembering the principles and existing rules. So, in no case should you abuse the diet. You cannot use this method more than once a year. A two-week drinking diet is enough to cleanse the body and restart all vital systems. If the rule is violated, the body can suffer.

It is worth remembering the existing side effects. If a woman experiences a worsening of her condition during the discharge process, she should consult a specialist and choose a different method of losing weight. You need to approach the weight loss process wisely. In a different situation, women are at risk of acquiring health problems.

The method cannot be used by people with chronic diseases. Problems with the digestive system are also a reason to abandon the drinking diet.

Permitted and prohibited products

For 2 weeks, solid foods are completely excluded from the diet. Only liquid food products are available for consumption, their list includes:

  • water, tea and coffee;
  • kissels, decoctions and compotes without sugar;
  • low-fat meat, vegetable, fish broths and puree soups;
  • natural fruit and vegetable juices;
  • cocoa.

Store-bought juices are prohibited. Only freshly squeezed drinks are allowed. Some nutritionists include cocoa in the list of prohibited foods. The list is quite extensive. In addition to cocoa, it includes:

  • alcohol and carbonated drinks;
  • any solid food and chewing gum;
  • pickles, marinades, hot spices and seasonings;
  • sugar and its substitutes;
  • fat broths;
  • high-fat milk and sour milk drinks;
  • ice cream and other shop sweets;
  • any oils.

Honey is also prohibited.

Preparation for diet

Drinking diet is a very serious weight loss method. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. This will reduce the risk of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. The first day is difficult. Due to a sharp change in diet, heartburn and a number of other unpleasant sensations may appear. Proper access will prevent side effects. However, along with this phase, the weight loss scheme will be extended for 3 weeks. However, a woman will be able to minimize the negative impact on the body of changes in the caloric content of the diet. For 6 days, it is recommended to eat as follows:

  1. You need to cook more liquid porridge for breakfast. Lunch and dinner remain the same.
  2. Liquid porridge is prepared for breakfast, lunch remains the same, and for dinner you need to eat mashed potatoes.
  3. Breakfast is repeated, it is recommended to eat soup puree for lunch and vegetable puree for dinner.
  4. It is recommended to drink fermented baked milk in the morning, fatty meat broth for lunch, and vegetable puree for dinner.
  5. Drink kefir in the morning, chicken broth for lunch, and smoothies for dinner.
  6. Milk should be consumed for breakfast, vegetable juice for lunch, and herbal tea for dinner.

sample menu

The menu is designed for 14 days. The diet is selected in such a way as to help the woman fight against the increased feeling of hunger. Therefore, it is recommended to take liquid food up to 7 times a day. At the same time, the amount of liquid consumed is not limited, but at the end of the intake, a person should not feel heaviness in the stomach. On average, a 200 ml glass of liquid is enough to saturate. Daily calorie intake varies between 1200-1400 calories. If a woman has a strong feeling of hunger before going to bed, you can drink a cup of tea with mint or soothing herbs. The 14-day menu is as follows:

  1. 1 and 8 days. Cocoa for breakfast, orange juice for first snack, berry jelly for second snack, tomato puree soup for lunch, yogurt for afternoon snack, dried fruit compote for second afternoon, chicken broth for dinner.
  2. 2 and 9 days. Green tea for breakfast, tomato juice for the first snack, oat jelly for the second snack, spinach puree soup for lunch, kefir for afternoon tea, berry compote for the 2nd afternoon tea, beet juice for dinner.
  3. 3 and 10 days. Black tea for breakfast, plum juice for the first snack, fruit jelly for the second snack, cheese puree soup for lunch, kefir for afternoon tea, uzvar for the second afternoon tea, hot broth for dinner.
  4. 4 and 11 days. Cocoa for breakfast, carrot juice for snack, milk jelly for second snack, mushroom puree soup for lunch, fermented baked milk for afternoon snack, apple compote for second snack, potato juice for dinner.
  5. 5 and 12 days. Green tea for breakfast, orange juice for the first snack, berry puree soup for the second snack, mushroom puree soup for lunch, kefir for afternoon tea, uzvar for the second afternoon tea, turkey broth for dinner.
  6. 6 and 13 days. Black tea for breakfast, pumpkin juice for snack, fruit jelly for second snack, pumpkin puree soup for lunch, curd milk for afternoon snack, fruit compote for second snack, mushroom juice for dinner.
  7. 7 and 14 days. Cocoa for breakfast, pomegranate juice for first snack, oatmeal jelly for second snack, mashed potato soup for lunch, snowball drink for afternoon tea, apple compote for second afternoon tea, veal broth for dinner.

Get off the drinking diet

After following such a strict diet, you cannot immediately return to the usual menu. Otherwise, the gastrointestinal tract will not be able to recover quickly and cannot begin to digest solid food. This will cause a number of problems and lead to the return of lost kilograms. Therefore, the period of withdrawal from the diet for 7 days should be twice as long. This means that you should leave at least 14 days. For a two-week weight loss regime, this period will be 28 days.

Eating fatty, spicy and salty foods is strictly prohibited. It is advisable to start eating solid food in the morning. It is recommended to leave the drink menu for dinner. Lunch should be gradually changed to solid food. Such a transition should last at least three to four days. Then you can eat something from the regular menu for lunch.

Efficiency and results

Women who decide to follow this weight loss method want to lose weight first, and then to cleanse the body. The result of refusing solid food is a decrease in the volume of the stomach, the destruction of the layer of fat under the skin, getting rid of toxins and toxins, cleansing the body after five days and losing weight. You can lose weight up to 2 kg per day.

It is very difficult to maintain such a strict diet. If a woman nevertheless decided to lose weight so sharply, first of all it is worth deciding on the goal. Experts recommend thinking about why a person wants to lose weight. The whole period of weight loss should be remembered about encouragement.

It is necessary to imagine what a person can achieve when losing weight. A woman will be able to wear beautiful clothes, her health will improve, her general well-being will improve. It is worth rewarding yourself for each achievement in losing weight. But as a reward, you need to choose not a tasty meal, but new things, a change of image or another reward that will not affect the figure.

You must be on a proper diet. For this, you need to follow the prepared menu, take the recommended foods and gradually switch to liquids, and then return to solid food. If a woman realizes that she cannot stay on such a diet for a whole week, she should refuse to continue losing weight, but gradually exit the diet.

Doctor's opinion

Diet drinking really allows you to lose weight. However, it is harmful to the body. Refusing solid food is a significant stress even for healthy people. Overweight men and women may experience greater negative consequences. Fasting days on liquids alone can be beneficial. So a woman can choose kefir days.

At the same time, ejaculation more than 2 days a week can lead to the development of a number of diseases. Such a diet can cause long-term diarrhea and even cause deformation of internal organs. The latter is possible if you follow a drinking diet for a month.

To lose weight, you should follow the principles of proper nutrition and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Following standard rules will allow you to easily lose weight and not harm your health.