Kefir diet for 3 and 7 days, minus 10 kg. Results before and after the diet

Over the past few years, the kefir diet has not left the top positions in the popularity ratings. Reviews about it are very, very positive. And this is quite understandable. You often come across a mono-diet, the main component of which can almost completely satisfy the body's needs for essential nutrients. Indeed, look at the composition of kefir - it contains protein and carbohydrates (and animal carbohydrates - generally very rare) and saturated fats, which the body needs to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and produce sex hormones.

result of kefir diet before and after

At the same time, kefir is a fermented milk product, which means that lactose intolerance (milk sugar in milk) will no longer be a problem. A kefir diet will allow you to improve the functioning of your gastrointestinal tract by introducing beneficial bacteria into your intestines (but if you suffer from ulcers or other diseases of the digestive system, then such a diet is contraindicated for you).

But, of course, you should understand that the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is not the only condition for calling the diet effective and safe. As with any other diet, you need to take vitamins, because by depriving yourself of certain types of food, you are depriving yourself of the vitamins and minerals they contain.

How much weight can you lose in 3 days, a week, 10 days?

I understand very well that this is the most important question because we all want to know what benefits we will get in the end before making sacrifices. I will disappoint you, there are no specific numbers, it all depends on what shape you are in right now. There are at least 2 options here:

  1. If your height is 170 cm and your weight is 110 kg, then you have obviously gained 40-50 extra kilos. In this case, on the kefir diet, you can easily lose 1-1. 5 kg per day and 7 or even 10 kg per week.
  2. But if you are a 170 cm tall, athletic girl who decided to lose 55 kg from the current 65 kg, then be prepared for a longer work.

In the first case, weight will be lost quickly due to the oxidation of visceral fat (this is the fat that surrounds the internal organs) and at the same time the loss of a large amount of fluid in the body due to muscle loss.

In the second case, there is no more fat in the body. All that's there is a bit of subcutaneous tissue, which is a strategic energy reserve for the body and should only be released as a last resort. You should not believe that you will lose 10 kg in a week on kefir. Maximum 3 kg. Because there is no more fluid in your body, and if you do sports, then the muscles will not give up.

Kefir diet 7 days and minus 10 kg?

a week of kefir diet

A very popular question on the Internet. As I have already explained, such an outcome is indeed possible, but you have to be really big for it. I would like to approach the question from a slightly different angle: which version of the kefir diet is the most popular and why you should never try it.

Today, the most common version of the kefir diet involves consuming one and a half liters of kefir per day. Also, depending on the duration of the diet, small portions of meat or vegetables can be added to the diet.

Let's figure out how long it will take us to fall into a hospital bed after such a menu.

We will consider the question in terms of calorie content. To be honest, I don't believe in counting calories, but in this case, this will be an example.

If you have a sedentary job and do not move much, your body uses about 1000 kcal per day. They are needed to maintain brain function, to maintain the functionality of internal processes such as breathing, blood supply, digestion and sometimes lifting a spoon.

100 grams of kefir contains 50 kcal, which means that by drinking 1. 5 liters of kefir per day and not eating more, you will get a maximum of 750 kcal per day. And you need at least 1000 kcal. What organ will the body begin to conserve energy without? I don't want to check it.

Yes, if you want to try, then, of course, no one will stop you, but if you drink only kefir for more than three days in a row, then you will continue to lose weight under a glucose drip in the hospital.

Kefir diet with apples

Therefore, if we talk about the kefir diet, we should not focus only on it.

Let's look at options for kefir diets that involve the use of other products

Kefir diet with apples

A popular combination. But pointless. Apples are fructose, roughly the same as carbohydrates. And excess carbohydrates, as we know, are a direct way to get fat. Apple consumption with kefir does not have any cumulative effect. Apple appears here only because it is the most non-allergenic and year-round fruit. You can also write about kefir diet with banana, pear or mango. But we are all more familiar with apples. So they write about it from time to time, gradually turning it into some kind of super healthy product for weight loss. Vegetables are more effective in this matter.

Kefir diet with buckwheat

Kefir diet with buckwheat

It's warmer now. Buckwheat is one of the so-called "long-term" carbohydrates. They do not give all their energy to the body immediately, but they do it gradually without causing sudden jumps in blood sugar levels. To be fair, it should be noted that buckwheat alone does not have a similar effect. Oatmeal and pearl barley and barley have the same properties. Therefore, you should not focus only on buckwheat, the more diverse the menu, the better.

Kefir diet with meat

But this is not very good. As we have already said, kefir is an animal product. In a kefir diet, you already get a lot of animal proteins and fats. There is no need to load the liver and kidneys with the same thing. Moreover, the kefir diet can heal your pancreas (or rather, the body will heal it itself during the period of avoiding fatty foods), and adding meat will cancel out such a pleasant side effect. Therefore, you should not dilute your diet with boiled or even fried meat. Maybe just fish. But very rarely. No more than once a week.

Since we already have a few theories, let's create our ideal menu based on kefir, on which you can continue long enough to get the expected effect and without harming yourself.

Kefir diet with meat

Kefir diet. weekly menu

No, of course, you can stay on such a menu for 2 weeks, and some even for a month, but experience shows that the most noticeable result comes exactly in the first week. Then the effect decreases sharply.


This is the time when we can eat carbs and it won't cost us anything. Therefore, we will eat porridge for breakfast. As we have already discovered, it can be anyone. Buckwheat, barley, oatmeal. A piece of butter won't do any harm. The main thing to remember is that porridge should be cooked not from an instant bag, but from cereals.

The drink will be either water or unsweetened tea or coffee.


Kefir. A glass or two. To reduce hunger.


dairy products form the basis of the kefir diet

We will eat vegetable salad for lunch. Ideally, it will be made from cabbage or cucumber and tomatoes. These are vegetables that contain mostly fiber and do not contain starch, which is a fast carbohydrate, to maintain normal digestion. You can also add greens to the salad: arugula, sorrel, etc. A Greek salad would also be a great option. You can drink unsweetened tea or coffee.

All. Here comes the turning point. After dinner, only kefir is on your menu. There is no need to limit yourself to certain portions and administration times. We felt a headache and drank a glass of kefir. And it doesn't matter how many glasses you buy a day. It doesn't matter when you drink. The main thing is not to feel hungry. This is a very important point. Do not tell your body that you are on a diet, otherwise it will deliberately slow down the metabolism and the effectiveness of the diet will be drastically reduced.

Drinking plain water is very important. It is easy to miss this point in the kefir diet. So set a specific time for yourself to drink water. Ideally, one glass right after waking up, one shortly before dinner and two glasses before bed.

That's all. The next path depends only on you. As long as you can tolerate this, I dare say, meager menu, you can lose that much weight. On average this week 3-4 kg.

Just remember one thing: after that, if you start eating like before, no diet makes sense.

My advice to you is to gradually return to normal food after the kefir diet. Leave the vegetables for dinner, but add broth to them. Remove kefir from dinner, but replace it not with carbohydrates, but with protein foods: meat, fish, eggs. By gradually transitioning to regular food, you can maintain the achieved results and choose a diet that will be both tasty and healthy for you in the future.

P. S. There is no need to blindly copy what is offered to you as a universal recipe. Spend a few hours of your time, but create a menu that suits you. Individual approach always guarantees results!