Fitness at home: effective exercises for the abdomen and sides

Due to the bulging of the abdomen and sides, complexes often occur not only in women but also in men. This problem is easily solved! Properly organized home exercises (if you can not go to the gym) and a balanced daily diet will help you get closer to the dream of a flat stomach!

Abdominal fitness in the shortest time allows you to overcome problem areas in just ten exercises. Well-known coach Gay Gasper has developed a series of exercises that focus on both straight and curved abdominal muscles, as well as back muscles. The load, belly and side swings were selected for women 40 years and older who have a whole problem. However, this technique is great for people of any gender and age.

Let's take a closer look at what measures should be taken to get rid of a belly and protruding sides and find beautiful appetizing forms.

Fitness for the abdomen and sides at home

The peculiarity of the complex is that 10 exercises must be performed in a certain sequence. By following it, you will get the best effect as soon as possible. The level of difficulty of the lessons is suitable even for beginners, and the technique does not require any special equipment. It is enough to have comfortable sports clothes and a mattress.

Gay Gasper advises anyone who trains according to his methodology to add cardio elements (aerobics, dance, running) to strength training for the abdomen and sides, as well as to start a balanced diet.

Thanks to strength training, the press is formed and the muscles in the back sway, but they will hide under a layer of fat. With just a few steps, you can effectively get rid of body fat and finally get the shape you want!

Remember that warming up is an important part of your workout. This may include leg swings, body turns, forward, backward, and side bends. It is not a good idea to start training without warming up, as the risk of tearing ligaments or muscles increases.

Fitness at home: Abdominal exercises

The following 10 exercises effectively suppress bloating:

1. Classic crunches

Work your core abdominal muscles and waist well. The main thing is to follow the bending technique for the best effect.

I. p. : Lie on the floor, bend your knees and put your hands behind your head.

Description: Lift the body slightly with the shoulder blades. The muscles of the press are tense, try to push the ribs a little towards the priests. While bending, in high position, lock for 2 counts, inhale and return to SP. Perform the exercise 10 times, then - a short break and again - 10 repetitions.

2. Exercise the muscles of the lower press by lifting the legs.

I. p. : Lie on the floor, lift your legs, bend at an angle of 90 degrees to the knees.

Description: Place the arms on the sides of the body, start lifting the ass a few cm from the floor surface. It is not allowed to change the angle of inclination of the legs. In this case, correct for a few seconds and I. Return to P. Repeat 20 times: first 10, then rest, then the remaining 10. Make sure your whole body is pressed to the floor.

3. The first and second exercises in the complex (development of lower and upper press)

Raise your legs as shown in Exercise 2. Start by stretching your hips and chest towards each other, pulling your shoulder blades and ass off the ground. Repeat 10 times, then take a break and repeat the complex exercise 10 times.

4. Side cracks

Aimed at using lateral musclesThe technique is similar to classic twists. However, the shoulders should be pulled towards the opposite knee. Complete 10 times. Press your pelvis to the ground during exercise.

5. Twisting and lunging

Lie on your back, bend your legs and pull your legs to the pelvis.

exercises for the press to reduce the weight of the sides and abdomen

While lifting over the shoulder blades, pull one leg to the chest. Then press the shoulder blades to the ground and jump with it. Perform 10 times with each foot.

6. "Bicycle"

Work on the sides.

I. p. : Lie on your back, bend your legs and pull up to your abdomen.

Description: Straighten one leg and point it upwards as you rise to the shoulder blades. Pull your left elbow towards your right knee. Return to I. P. and repeat with the other side. Perform 10 times with each foot.

7. Leg lifting board

An effective workout for a flat stomach.

I. p. : Stand in a wooden position, leaning on your elbows. The press must be compressed.

Description: Start by lifting your legs above your hips in turn. Do this 10 times with each foot.

8. Shake your legs.

I. p. : Lie on the floor, bend your legs at a 90-degree angle and lift.

Description: Activate your abdominal muscles by pushing your shoulder blades up and touching the ground with one finger. Return to I. P. and repeat with the second leg. Need to make two sets of 10 times.

9. Raise the knees with the back arch

I. p. : Get on your knees and lean on your elbows.

Description: Lift your knees under the tension of the press muscles. 2 sets 10 times.

10. Full rotation of the torso

I. p. : lying on the ground. Put your feet closer to the pelvis.

Description: Get up on your shoulder blades and start turning your upper body from one side to the other and vice versa. Complete 10 times in total.

The essence of the above complex is the need to do everything with maximum muscle tension. Be sure to stretch after completing all the exercises. Thanks to this, the effectiveness of the whole set of exercises increases!

wood for weight loss on the sides and abdomen

Can't we see a flat stomach without bending?

Gay Gasper's training focuses on twisting. The equipment must be correct and safe!

Bending is a universal exercise that allows you to achieve your goal. In the process of its implementation, all the muscle fibers of the abdominal press, which form straight and curved muscle groups, are involved. The lesson allows you to provide not only a static load (holding the body in one position), but also dynamic (direct bends). The muscles contract at the same time, then stretch.

Thanks to this exercise, you tone the entire rectus abdominis muscle, although it is not very uniform in structure. It is strong and thick at the top, and weak and thin at the bottom. Lumbar muscle fibers are also involved. They act as antagonists, ie they have an additional effect on the abdominal muscles.

How not to

1. Fixation of the legs

If you lie on a horizontal surface and try to grab a sofa, for example, or seek the help of a partner, you are making a big mistake. In this case, all the load is transferred to other muscle groups. Leg fixation should only be used when pumping the press while lying on an inclined bench or simulator.

2. The discrepancy between the performance of the twists and the breathing

Remember clearly: as you lift your body, you breathe, and I. P. - Breathe.

3. Separation of the lower back from the floor

If there is no support under the spine during flexion, this can lead to prolapse of the intervertebral discs. Therefore, when lifting the body, we press the lower back as much as possible. Doesn't work? Then wrap it in a fitball or a towel roll under your lower back is your salvation.

4. Shaking performance

You are not allowed to help yourself when lifting with arm or leg swings. Can't get your shoulders and shoulder blades off the ground? Then don't panic. You just need to feel the tension in the muscles. The important thing is that you tighten the muscle fibers and do not make crushing twists.

Tips for forming the perfect belly at home

Do not believe that weight training accelerates the weight loss process. Such exercises strengthen the muscles of the body, but do not affect the volume of subcutaneous fat. When using weights, you will not reduce the volume of the abdomen, but will increase it due to the building of muscles. That is why waist reduction classes are held without the use of any weight. Designed to work with your own weight only.

Take an integrated approach to training to achieve the desired effect. In other words, combine diet with regular physical activity.

Basic rules of proper nutrition

  1. Eat in small portions 5-6 times a day.
  2. Drink plenty of water (1, 5-2 liters per day).
  3. Reduce sugar and salt intake.
  4. Try to eat less fried and fatty foods.