Training complexes for weight loss

Almost all methods to lose weight are combined with physical activity. That is, in order to lose weight while dieting, you need to do sports or perform a set of appropriate exercises. The latter are also available in a wide range, so anyone who loses weight will be able to choose only for themselves.

A collection of bodyflex exercises to lose weight fast

This system applies to breathing exercises. Bodyflex combines certain loads with breathing exercises. The aerobic respiration that forms the basis of the system saturates the body with oxygen, which can break down fats.

Postures train muscles, restore muscle elasticity, as well as tighten the skin, which is important for cellulite. At the same time, a slow and calm training pace has a stronger effect than intense running or strength training.

The main thing in this system is aerobic breathing, based on which exercises are performed. As a result, the body is enriched with oxygen, fats and lipids are burned. Special, diaphragmatic breathing is required - breathe through the nose, breathe through the mouth. After the first training there is general well-being, increased energy, improvement in mood.

bodyflex exercises to lose weight

This set of exercises for rapid weight loss has a number of advantages:

  • You can train at home, 15-20 minutes a day is enough;
  • After 5-7 exercises, the waist volume decreases by 5-15 cm;
  • This system not only has a beneficial effect on the body. A few exercises can improve the skin of the face and neck;
  • You can train at any age and anywhere: at work, at home, in a group, with a coach.

When doing bodyflex, you should follow 3 rules: exercise regularly; exercise on an empty stomach; Do not go on a strict diet or starvation throughout the course.

Bodyflex activates the metabolic process, increases lymph flow (the body gets rid of harmful substances faster), reduces the volume of the stomach, reduces the overall volume and allows you to correct individual problem areas (hips, waist, hips, arms, etc. ). ).

Breathing exercises allow you to: get rid of excess weight; reduction of cellulite; reduce nervous tension; improve skin condition and overall well-being; has a general rejuvenating effect on the body, increases elasticity and grace; activates blood circulation, accelerates cleansing and digestive processes.

Fitness: a set of express exercises to lose weight

The proposed system is great for those who can't find the time to fully train. However, despite the duration of the lessons (13 minutes), they are very effective. In such a complex there should be only one energy-intensive training, which will be loaded either up or down.

You should do alternate exercises for the leg and arm muscles during training. The load comes first on the arms and then on the legs. Thus, the blood moves from top to bottom and vice versa throughout the body. All can complete 3 or 4 such cycles in 13 minutes. While one part of the body is working, the other part can rest. The alternative will allow you to work continuously and intensively. This is the last point that is very important to get rid of extra pounds.

To lose weight at home, a series of exercises should include the most energy-intensive exercises that load several muscle groups at the same time. For example, in the gym, these include deadlift, bench press and barbell squats. Instead of pressing at home, they are regularly pushed off the ground, squats are performed without load, and the push is replaced by forward bending while standing on one leg.

Example of a 13-minute complex:

  • Squat with legs shoulder-width apart;
  • Lift forward and lift straight arms;
  • Squat with legs wide apart;
  • Raise straight arms to the sides with weight;
  • Lunge squats;
  • Leaning forward, the weighted hands come down and then separate.

Such express fitness has a significant advantage over training in the gym: there is no need to spend a lot of time visiting each other; you can do this every day, even twice, because short intensive exercises do not overload the muscles and can be restored to normal.

Yoga complex for health and weight loss

The action of this system is not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to improve the whole body. Specially selected asanas will help to connect with the body and give the latter a beautiful shape. Yoga classes change the weight of the trainee, change the person, change the lifestyle, attitude to the environment and to himself, turn it into a state of natural health and balance.

Yoga for weight loss and cellulite is the traditional posture of Hatha yoga, which is built in a special way, affects specific muscle groups and causes the reconstruction of the body structure.

A set of strength exercises to lose weight effectively

You need to be careful when doing such work. Beginners like to increase the intensity of training to get faster results. However, you should refrain from such actions, otherwise you may be seriously injured. Basically, the basic complex is enough for beginners.

After mastering the execution technique, you can increase the load:

  • The bench press is one of the basics in weightlifting, but it will also be very effective for women. The bench press loads the chest muscles and speeds up metabolic processes. Perform slowly up to 10 times;
  • Lift the dumbbells to the side. Perform while standing / sitting. The deltoid muscles of the shoulders are loaded. Dumbbells are held along the body, then the arms are raised to the sides parallel to the ground, slowly lowered. The arms are raised to work the front of the muscles. Repeat lifting 12-15;
  • The triceps are the muscles behind the forearm. It is played while sitting on a bench. The dumbbell is held by an arm lying on top of the head, then the arm is bent at the elbow after the front arm is immobilized and the load is lowered back. Repeat up to 15 times for each hand;
  • Among the main strength exercises, of course, there are loads on the biceps - the muscles of the front of the forearm. IP: sits on a bench, arms lowered by weight, palms turned inward. Bend your arms at the elbows and lift the weight to your chest, while the torso should not move. Perform 15 times;
  • Lifting the hips will straighten the shape of the hips, give the hamstrings and lower back load. IP: stretches, legs bent, feet pressed to the ground. They try to lift the hips as high as possible, then stretch for a few seconds and return to the PI. Perform 15-18 times;
  • Bending in the press is a burden for the rectus abdominis muscles. Standard execution: stretched, hands behind head, knees bent at an angle of 90 °, legs parallel to the ground. The torso is pulled forward by lifting the shoulders. Slowly returns to IP. Repeat - 25-30 times;
  • Squats work the muscles of the hips and large thighs. Repeat - up to 15 times. You can increase the effectiveness of training by holding dumbbells.

You need to listen to your body by clearly following this program of power loads. This will allow you to understand that it is time to increase the load.

Sports nutrition complex for weight loss

Such additional measures are suitable for people of excessive sex of any sex who do not suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Typically, the kit includes fat burners (thermogens), L-carnitine, BCAA amino acids, proteins and vitamins / minerals. Sports nutrition is often used by professional athletes, but has recently become popular among those who are losing weight.

Thermogens increase heat production, speed up metabolism, suppress appetite and activate the central nervous system. L-carnitine is an amino acid similar to B vitamins, fat-burning and performs several important functions in the body: destroys fat cells, increases energy (mental and physical), helps cleanse the body of toxins, increases muscle mass, lowers cholesterol, has antioxidant effects. has. BCAA amino acids primarily restore muscle.

They make up one-third of the amino acids and are involved in anabolic processes. BCAA amino acids protect muscle tissue from destruction, increase lean muscle mass, reduce fat percentage and increase strength.